LED Lighting

The main goal of Bright Energy Solutions is to help you – our clients – with innovative LED lighting products that will lower your energy and maintenance costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Bright Energy Solutions offers a complete line of carefully chosen lighting products for new installation or ready to easily replace your existing light fixtures. When we say ‘carefully chosen’, we really mean it. We have personally visited our suppliers to ensure the products that we offer are of the highest quality and offer substantial cost savings for our clients.


Every time you change a light, you start saving more

Traditional lighting costs more than you think. Energy costs, installation costs, maintenance costs, environmental costs, and recycling costs all add up to a significant drain on your budget. LED provides a smart way out of this costly cycle – while improving quality and performance.

LEDs are not all created equal

With all the proven benefits of LED, more and more companies are beginning to offer LED products. But they’re not all offering the same level of quality. Our LEDs are built on smart innovation, using superior heat sink and chip technologies. And they are brought to you factory-direct. This means shorter lead times, more stability, fewer back orders, and consistent quality. The end result being a better performance and greater lifecycle savings. And with our global reach, we’re able to offer these benefits all over the world.

LED lighting products we offer can be fully customised to precisely fit your needs and budget. The size of the lamps, type of light and monitoring control systems can be set ordered and set up for your specific requirements.

All BES own LED products are manufactured in our manufacturing facility in its integrated production facilities in Sandanski, Bulgaria. We also have carefully chosen manufacturers of some Drivers that we are proud to partner with on some large projects acrossed Europe.

So, if you are looking for quality, economical lighting products and professional service. BES believes that with the qualities we house are able to take on any job.

  • We can give you a yearly energy cost saving for your fitting(s) as part of our free energy calculation service for business or home.
  • Small and large lamps.
  • Street lighting and car park lighting.
  • Soft glow for a cosy home feel, or clean and clear for an office environment.
  • Durability and fully shockproof.
  • Directional fittings for optimal lighting.